Engine Diagnostics and Warning Light problems

Want to book your car repairs and it’s late in the evening? Don’t worry, you can still book online any time of day. By entering your vehicle registration, you’ll be able to get access to prices at Total Auto Services any time of day. In particular, if you need to book in a diagnostic test, you can do so online 24 hours a day.

A piece of diagnostic equipment

At Total Auto Services, we provide an in-depth car diagnostic test and fault reading for our customers in Yeovil. If you have warning lights appearing on their dashboard it’s best to get them checked out. Alternatively, if you’re experiencing problems and you’re not sure what’s wrong, a diagnostic test can help.

The latest technology in car diagnostics

The technology that is used when it comes to keeping cars in good condition and repairing them is changing all the time. We make sure we have the latest technology when it comes to diagnostic testing. This is one of the big reasons why so many people in the Yeovil area come to us for their maintenance, repair and car diagnostics.

Our car diagnostics technology allows us to locate problems quicker than ever before with even more accuracy. Not only that, but it can help us find problems that might occur in the future and do everything we can to prevent them from happening.

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How Does It Work?

Our in-depth car diagnostic check involves connecting a piece of diagnostic equipment to your car. It will then run a test so that it can check that everything is working properly. Our diagnostic equipment can go into a great deal of detail and has the ability to spot even the smallest of problems.

Here at Total Auto Services, we are proud to say that we always have the latest car diagnostics equipment in Yeovil. This means that when you bring your car into us for a diagnostics test, you will know that you are getting value for money.

Want your car to be given a car diagnostics check up? Then head on over to our contact page and book an appointment for your car now! Also, don’t hesitate to contact us if you just have a question about how car diagnostics work. Our team are dedicated to providing advice and help to customers in Yeovil. We want to make sure you’re safe on the roads. Our engine diagnostics testing will help to do just that. Find out more today or book online.

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