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At Total Auto Services, our team understands that most modern makes and models of vehicle contain a car air conditioning system that needs to be regularly maintained. Your car air conditioning service isn’t normally included in your regular service. Therefore, it’s important to get it checked out at regular intervals to make sure everything is in working order.

Why do I need to check my car air conditioning?

Air conditioning in your car can help you keep relaxed and alert during warm weather. It also helps to keep the air you breathe clean, fresh and free from pollen and air pollution. Regular service checks on your system can ensure that everything is running efficiently and not draining your battery.

Without regular servicing, air conditioning systems can generate a build-up of bacteria and mould. Over time, this can cause unwanted odours. Our fully qualified mechanics and technicians at Total Auto Services are experienced, friendly and reliable. In order to ensure complete customer satisfaction, we use quality parts and equipment when conducting your air conditioning repairs. We’ll check each component thoroughly making sure that your compressor, refrigerants and condensers are all working properly. We’ll make sure there are no leaks or blockages in your system. In addition to this, we’ll check that there is no extra moisture preventing the cold air getting through.

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Car air conditioning regas

If your system hasn’t been working properly, it might be as a result of loss of refrigerant gas. Over time, the gas will escape from the system and can affect the ability of your air con over time. If you haven’t had your gas topped up in some time, it might be time for a regas or ‘recharge. In particular, if you are experiencing issues with cold air blowing out. Alternatively, there might be no air coming out of your system at all. Monitoring your refrigerant gas levels can help prevent a more serious problem with your system before it becomes too late. Therefore, it’s important to get your system checked and topped up regularly. Most garages or manufacturers suggest every 2 years or so.

Our air conditioning services at Total Auto Services in Yeovil, include:

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Book online today using our online booking tool for your air conditioning servicing in Yeovil, at our local independent garage. We’ll thoroughly inspect each part within your system, and let you know if there are any repairs that need to be done. From a simple re-gas or recharge to full air conditioning repairs, we’ll make sure that you know what’s going on with your car and how much it will cost. In addition to this, at Total Auto Services, we’ll be happy to run you through step by step what the problem is. Therefore, you can let us know if you want us to go ahead and repair the system. Our booking tool is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can book your vehicle repairs, servicing and MOT when it suits you.

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